[bisq-contrib] OTC. Bisc_Swaps

Veronika Trunina veronika.trunina at mywish.io
Fri Apr 19 23:34:12 UTC 2019

Dear Bisq crypto professionals and contributors

WE have seen Bisq decentralized peer-to-peer application and would like to propose integration or partnership.
We have OTC solution which could be interested for Bisq

Please, have a look at https://swaps.network/ <https://swaps.network/>
Decentralized OTC solution launched to conquer OTC market.


- Fully decentralized
- No volume limits
- Any trading pair supported
- Not-listed tokens can be swapped
- Private and public swaps
- Developed by credible experts team
- Positive feedbacks from Brokers and Traders

Let’s have a call, so I can give you more details how it can become a part of your OTC.
Please, have a look at the deck attached as well as at the  https://swaps.network/ <https://swaps.network/> itself

Veronika Trunina
Business Development
veronika.trunina at mywish.io

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