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Bisq is the only fully decentralized P2P trading platform that accepts fiat.

Bisq has no rivals. We would love if there were other solutions out
there we could also use, but unfortunately there is only Bisq. Bisq will
always accept F2F transactions as long as there is demand for it.

Nobody can force Bisq to do anything. Bisq is not a company nor a legal

Bisq is an open source project. Developers get funded in a fully
decentralized way with the Bisq DAO.

There will never be KYC in Bisq. That would go against Bisq's primary
principle of decentralization and privacy.

F2F trades are very secure in Bisq and very private. It is a growing
payment method in Bisq that was added relatively recently compared to
others. Due to it's nature there is zero risk of a chargeback which is
the only concern Bisq has with fiat trades. This is why it is the best
payment method in my opinion to trade fiat which is a primary use of Bisq.

The only downside with F2F trades that I can see is that you need to be
physically close to someone in order to trade.

As the number of Bisq users grow, number of locations that have F2F
offers grow as well. So in my opinion and the way I see currently in
Bisq, F2F is going to be a lot bigger here in future.

On 04.06.2019. 16:00, steve jain wrote:
> Thanks -- I'll respond within the next 2 hours. If anyone has thoughts
> they'd like to include, feel free to send to me.
> steve
> On Tue, Jun 4, 2019 at 5:12 AM Stephan Oeste <emzy at emzy.de
> <mailto:emzy at emzy.de>> wrote:
>>     Begin forwarded message:
>>     *From: *"s.oneal oneal" <s.oneal at cointelegraph.com
>>     <mailto:s.oneal at cointelegraph.com>>
>>     *Subject: **Comment inquiry (Cointelegraph)*
>>     *Date: *4. June 2019 at 10:57:37 CEST
>>     Hi,
>>     My name is Stephen O'Neal, I'm a contributing author at
>>     Cointelegraph, a major online publication on blockchain and
>>     cryptocurrencies.
>>     Currently, I'm writing a follow-up on LocalBitcoins — your rival
>>     P2P platform — reportedly banning cash trading. 
>>     Given that Bisq is one of the most popular P2P crypto exchanges
>>     out there, would you be interested in providing an additional
>>     comment for our story?
>>     Here are the questions:
>>     *How popular is cash trading on your platform? *
>>     *Why do you think some people prefer that option? Would you
>>     consider it safe?*
>>     *Do you think it's possible that with time, other P2P exchanges
>>     (including yours) will be forced to ban cash trading? Are P2P
>>     exchanges going to become more KYC-oriented in general? *
>>     Please keep in mind that we plan to run this story shortly, so
>>     we'd really appreciate if you could comment ASAP (within 15-24
>>     hours ideally). Thank you in any case.
>>     Best regards,
>>     Stephen
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