[bisq-network/bisq-desktop] Add payment method: moneygram (#1050)

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Tue Apr 24 19:48:22 UTC 2018

Here I include the required fields for dev:

**Setting up National Currency Account**

Payment Method = “MoneyGram Agent Pick Up”
Country =
State =
Currency = 
Account Owner Full Name = 
Email = or 
Limitations = ***
Salt for account age verification = ***
Account Name = 

**Create offer to buy BTC**

Enable use of MoneyGram method.
No other changes necessary.

**Create offer to sell BTC**

Enable use of MoneyGram method.
No other changes necessary.

**Buying/Selling BTC**

The buyer of BTC (ie MoneyGram sender) only needs to know the name, surname, email (to send the verification), country and State of the seller. All other instructions should be the same as Western Union.
BTC Seller (ie MoneyGram receiver) only needs to know the buyer’s email address, and unique trade ID / MTCN.

For Western Union we define the requirement that the BTC buyer sends by email the tracking nr and the photo of the receipt to the peer. That can be done here as well.

“When using MoneyGram the BTC buyer has to send the MTCN unique tracking number and a photo of the receipt by email to the BTC seller. The receipt must clearly show the seller’s full name, country and the amount. The buyer will get displayed the seller’s email in the trade process.”

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