[bisq-network/compensation] [DRAFT] For April (#59)

Christoph Atteneder notifications at github.com
Mon Apr 30 09:37:12 UTC 2018

## Basic information

> _Specify the amount of BSQ you are requesting, and the BSQ address that amount should be paid to:_

 - BSQ amount requested: 3414
 - BSQ address: B1Dj1kAGDs4AGh83cPFJBQC7pDubtuZV2ZS

## Details

> _Provide links to the work you are requesting compensation for, along with any comments or explanations that will help stakeholders understand its value._
As we changed the way how we evaluate valuable work for the Bisq network I'll further split up the total amount of BSQ requested in each section to start the process how much value each role has.
Until now for everything that is not development related I tried to track the effort as good as possible on a hourly basis as it is quite hard for me to estimate a concrete value for all activities. Especially with long term contributions which doesn't have a value that is easy to estimate (e.g. like the growth calls). 

### Development/UX

Moderation of all gui issues and #ux channel. As I didn't track the efforts separately for this part of the role I don't know atm how to value that properly.

None of my PRs this month haven't been released. Fingers crossed that we've the new release setup ready soon 😉 

- BSQ amount requested: ?

### Testing
Extended and restructured [test scenarios](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18n6wV0g5MPTs9Xni0cFji8U34xV3O1IRPDEYZrluBuU/edit#gid=1386834576) for new release v0.7.0 

Although the testing effort for v0.7.0 so far are documented I'll wait for compensation until the new release is out and all the test scenarios are fullfilled successfully.

### Growth
- BSQ amount requested: 1920

### Analytics
- BSQ amount requested: 1320

### YouTube Admin
Most of my YouTube activity is already included in the Growth role. Only replying to comments and general maintenance tasks are covered by this BSQ amount.
- BSQ amount requested: 120

### Bitcoin Fullnode Operator
Maintenance of full core node btc.christophatteneder.com:8333.
- BSQ amount requested: 54
@Emzy only charges 50 per instance. Unfortunately my costs for running the full node on Digital Ocean are $54. I was able to cover the costs with $50 before, but since I had to increase the storage space three months ago the costs increased for my instance.

### Other
Communication with contributors
No idea if this should be compensated at all or if I just have to value the other efforts more on the value for the network than the effort it was on my side.

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