[bisq-network/proposals] Change default fiat trade value to full euro/dollar/.. (0 Cents) (#17)

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Wed Apr 25 22:50:11 UTC 2018

@marco4444 Don't be disheartened, I don't mean to just push the issue around. There is currently quite a lot of reorganization of how we do things around Bisq. There are many new contributors and hopefully more to come and finding a good work flow will help with that. My comment was more to figure out how we handle new issues and not really on topic, sorry for that.

Regarding the implementation. Someone needs to take ownership for it to happen, and since it affects the trading protocol some caution should be taken, even though it seems like a fairly easy thing to do. In my opinion it's best to create an issue in bisq-core and start a discussion on implementation there. I created an issue bisq-network/bisq-core#101

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