[bisq-network/bisq-website] update the blog (as discussed in latest issue) (#67)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Sat Jul 7 11:12:43 UTC 2018

Ok, @HarryMacfinned. On review, I've changed my mind about this approach. I've pushed two additional commits above that dramatically simplify the announcement post. Here are my notes:

1. This was rapidly becoming an editorial exercise, with all manner of decisions about what should go where, who the author of the post is, whether a quote should be added, a new text at the bottom that needed review by a native English speaker, and more. Our blog is simply not a strategic asset right now. In the last 30 days it's had 750 pageviews. This is 2% of the 36,000 pageviews on the site overall. It is simply not important. The goal of this effort to update the blog was to mitigate whatever negative effect having a stale blog may have on new users getting to know the project. In the process, however, this was becoming a time consuming, subjective exercise that frankly I do not think merits my time, but that I also could not simply click the 'merge' button on because the content has issues and needed further work to be acceptable for publication. For these reasons, the commits I've added dramatically simplify the post down to just a few factual lines. This is a format that can be repeated at every release in a very simple, objective fashion that requires little to no review. Thanks for your efforts, and I hope you understand these motivations for keeping any future such blog posts very simple and easy to repeat.

2. The post title and filename were incorrect. They used the `v.0.7.1` to indicate the version. There is no dot (.) between the `v` and the `0`. This has been fixed.

3. The post was authored by "The Bisq Team". This post was not written by "The Bisq Team". It was written by an individual. There is no "Bisq Team" per se. There are only individual contributors working inside a process toward a common goal. This is an important point vis a vis decentralization and the Bisq DAO, and it is part of the reason I believe we should do away with the blog entirely as part of @pedromvpg's redesign effort (/cc @ripcurlx). I have changed the author to my own name in the meantime, as I am now in fact the person who has written the content. I would have no problem if you wish to change this to your name, but you must actually use your alias appropriately, e.g. "Harry MacFinned". It is preferred that you use two names in this way, but if you prefer "HarryMacFinned" all as one word / one alias name, this is fine too. **If you wish to update the author to your name, please push another commit that does so as soon as possible.** I will plan to merge this PR no later than Monday.

4. Your PR was submitted from your `master` branch. This is to be avoided, because it can easily cause merge hell on your side if your PR is not merged immediately. I will not go into further detail here, but will suffice to say please submit future PRs from a dedicated "topic branch" or sometimes called "feature branch" named e.g. `bisq-v0.7.1`. It is advised that you learn how to make changes and pull requests from the command line or from GitHub Desktop or from a similar client such that you have full control over these matters. The GitHub web interface is limited in the amount of control you have over your PRs.

5. Your email address is obscured by GitHub in your Git commits. Everyone should use proper Git metadata as specified in the https://bisq.network/contributor-checklist.

Again, if you have any comments or wish to change the author name, please get back asap and I'll plan merge this no later than Monday.

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