[bisq-network/proposals] Role owners should itemize compensation on a per-role basis in monthly compensation requests (#30)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Wed Jul 11 08:24:22 UTC 2018

@HarryMacfinned, I think what's important is that node operators request the amount of compensation that's correct for them, and that the "right amount" emerges over time. I wouldn't want to try to budget or allocate a certain amount of BSQ for this work; rather I would try to keep pushing for our decentralization goals, i.e. having as many different trusted/trustworthy contributors as possible running seednodes, pricenodes, and btcnodes and to institutionalize the idea that operators should request BSQ compensation for their efforts that cover both hard and soft costs. Then we trust that operators to honestly assess these values and request the right amount. If an operator is perfectly content being compensated to the tune of 50 BSQ / month for their soft costs, then so be it. If another says that their time and effort is worth not less than 100 BSQ, then we should evaluate that individually as voters and cast our vote as we see fit. If another operator requests 1000 BSQ for essentially the same work, it's reasonable to expect every voter would reject the request. Where is the "right" number above? I don't pretend to know, and I would prefer if we don't collectively pretend to know either. A major goal of mine in writing the roles document was to make it clear to role owners that they should request compensation for their efforts in a comprehensive way, not just for their hard costs. I think it's good to have this conversation, but I'd advocate for letting things play out from here for the next few months and seeing how it goes.

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