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## Summary

 - BSQ requested: The BSQ value of 9 Bisq arbitrator bonds OR 190,860 BSQ
    - (If the BSQ arbitrator bond value is not certain yet, we could also wait to receive this compensation until that value is decided or even a market price emerges.)
 - BSQ address: B1Q9UGZyuoQJ7tGSjFx11D64dvz47RY86XM
 - 9 real people have been involved in the work below - most as paid contractors, others as volunteers.
 - We request compensation in BSQ bonds value, because we plan to field arbitrators in these markets, and don't know how to estimate so much work fairly in a currency for which there is no market price yet.

## Details
 - In a previous translation compensation we found, it was compensated at about 2.1 BSQ / word:
 So, if we cannot be paid in BSQ bond equivalents, we request that rate also.
 - Liquidity weeks pay 20 BSQ / week. So at that rate, we request:
    - For XMR 8 month * 4 weeks * 20 BSQ =  640 BSQ
    - For VND 2 months * 4 weeks * 20 BSQ = 160 BSQ
    - For THB and USD 4 months * 4 weeks * 10 BSQ = 160 BSQ

 - We lost track how many hours it took to hire and herd 7 translation and review cats, because it came in tiny increments. So, if we can be paid in BSQ bond equivalents, 1 arb bond seems like a reasonable, round number. Othewise, please advise how you value project management hours.  
### Contributions delivered

 - Funded and delivered full initial translations of 3 languages -- Vietnamese, Thai, Persian
    - Approximately 35,250 words translated total
    - Requesting: The BSQ value of 3 Bisq arbitrator bonds, or 73,950 BSQ at rate mentioned above
 - Funded and delivered full initial reviews of 3 languages -- Vietnamese, Thai, Persian
    - Approximately 35,250 words reviewed total and corrected as necessary
    - Requesting:  The BSQ value of 3 Bisq arbitrator bonds or 73,950 BSQ at rate mentioned above
 - Delivered more than 10 percent translation and completion of Russian translation
 - Delivered 85 percent review of Russian translation
    - Approximately 10,000 words reviewed total and corrected as necessary
    - Requesting:  The BSQ value of 1 Bisq arbitrator bonds or 21,000 BSQ at rate mentioned above
 - Hiring and management of translators and reviewers in all above languages
    - Requesting:  The BSQ value of 1 Bisq arbitrator bonds or 21,000 BSQ at rate mentioned above
 - More than 8 months of market making in XMR
 - More than 2 months of low-spread market making in VND 
 - More than 4 months sell-side liquidity in USD and THB, including first THB-BTC trade
 (our trader node address available upon request)
    - Requesting:  The BSQ value of 1 Bisq arbitrator bonds or 960 BSQ
 - _Links to contributions you have [delivered](https://www.transifex.com/bisq/bisq-desktop/dashboard/):_
 - _The amount of BSQ requested for each: Please see above._
 - _Comments that will help stakeholders understand its value:_

As most know, and many liquidity weeks show, the developed world doesn't need Bitcoin very much, much less decentralized Bitcoin exchanges. We propose that Bitcoin is most needed and has the most potential on territories owned by groups with unwise and antiquated governing philosophies.

4 examples featured in this block of our work:

- Thailand: The Southeast Asia economic leader, with tremendous wealth and potential, and relatively open to trade. However, the ruling elite is militaristic, exceptionally hierarchical and medieval in their mindset. The general population is industrious, but incredibly brainwashed, and the epitome of the word "sheeple". The ruling gang has just instituted a tax on Bitcoin trading, which can be as high as 22%: 15% capital gains, and 7% VAT. The traders are not yet concerned, because of the "live in the moment" idiosyncrasy of the Buddhist culture...
THB is not weak, and did surprisingly well during GFC, but it's not stronger than Bitcoin. 
The centralized exchange operators - as their colleagues worldwide - are not interested in decentralized Bitcoin trading, or any of Bitcoin's core ideology. In fact, they are staunchly opposed to it. They only need Bitcoin to become part of the wealthy elite, without changing the status-quo. They are consolidating their power, and will use the government gang to protect their business from competition, including Bisq...
Thai language is rather different from English, and few there know the latter well. Even those that think that they do, really don't, and the desire to learn English among the general population seems rather low, compare to learning Chinese for example.

- Vietnam: The new destination of choice for business - big and small - fleeing the worsening business conditions in China.
Incredibly well positioned and endowed with such a long coastline and relatively industrious, educated population - not stuck in an entrenched, centuries-old caste system, the way for example Thailand and India are.
Much Bitcoin trading goes on in Vietnam, but most of it through shady Vietnamese language Telegram and other social network apps, without the protection that Bisq can offer.
The Vietnamese ding dong (VND) has been irresponsibly wrecked by the usual suspects, and all who come there instantly become millionaires in it...
The rulers are unwise, militant, and prone to unpredictable, knee-jerk parroting of regulators in surrounding authoritarian territories.
The Vietnamese language is impossibly difficult and different from English - both in pronunciation and for example in the insane number of personal pronouns. There is a great desire among the population and young elite to learn and speak English, but it's very difficult even for them to learn due to the languages being so different. 

- Iran: All we have to do is follow the geopolitical situation surrounding this territory and its long-suffering population to understand why Bitcoin and Bisq have significant potential there - unequaled perhaps by 99% of the world.
Inflation currently mid double digits; enough said on that.
All one has to do is look at the beautiful Persian writing to understand why the Persian Bisq localization would be useful to them, besides the practical and geopolitical reasons...

- Russia: Basically continues to be a Franco-Pinochet style dictatorship, which is essentially in a geopolitical situation similar to that of Iran, but with more power and resources to cope with it. Much of the elite holds rather libertarian views, consistent with Bitcoin's core ideology, and has been the source of much libertarian thought for more than a hundred years - Kropotkin, Bakunin, etc.
The RUR was of course demolished - yet again during our lifetime - in 2014. And it seems personal with the Russian leadership to be able to get out of the USD hegemony in some way they can control - same as it seems with the Iranians.
Russians have been relatively active in Bitcoin from the OG days - second only to the Anglos and Germans maybe. The leadership is incredibly backwards and unenlightened, however, and could crack down on every kind of Bitcoin trading under any insane pretext. 
A lot of the educated population understands English enough to be able to use Bisq in it, but of course Cyrillic alphabet is significantly different and Russia is like the US in language conditions: one can travel through several time zones, and never need to use anything besides Russian. So, there's little incentive to learn English for those who don't travel out of Russia and former Soviet republics much...

That is our view, and why we consider it imperative for Bisq to gain every possible foothold in these markets, before the powers that should not be in them are able to consolidate their control over the Bitcoin trade.
These Bisq translations are meant to facilitate Bisq advancement there.

### Contributions in progress

 - Funding second-opinion review of Persian translation
 - Continuing review and improvement of Russian translation
> _**This section is optional**._

### Roles performed

 - Not Applicable

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