[bisq-network/proposals] BSQ/DAO oracle (#33)

Mats-Erik Pistol notifications at github.com
Sun Jul 29 13:30:12 UTC 2018

It seems like it will be possible, via soft-forks, to add new products (credit, things, work, financial derivatives based on underlying assets or on a contract, ...) which I think is highly desirable. Such amendments will split the network but in a friendly way. The subset of users that want to trade e. g. movies can do so amongst themselves and nobody else sees it. Make sure it will be easy to add and vote on parameters that act on such products (e. g. fees).
Arbitrators will be oracles for some contracts in case of conflicts and the supermajority of merito-token holders will be a stronger and more expensive arbitrator if needed.
Maybe users should be able to choose a subset of (specialist) arbitrators that vote on a statement. I. e. instead of choosing an arbitrator a set of arbitrators are chosen in case something is very difficult or sensitive. This will reduce the ability for arbitrators to scam. High quality arbitrators will then be highly paid in btc after they have established a reputation (outside of Bisq.).

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