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Tue Jul 31 10:44:33 UTC 2018

##  2018.07 Report

Reddit : reddit (as a whole, not just /r/bisq), and exclusively the last week of July.
Spending some time on the /r/bisq subreddit, I constated that :
- there are always a (variable) bunch of people reading, whatever the hour
- there are days, rows of days, where nothing is posted on the subreddit.

By coincidence I also felt on this worth viewing 5’ video : Why YouTube Comments Suck (and Reddit comments don't) https://youtu.be/Lvf8koqX_yE
Being in the Bisq boat since mid-june, it seems me that :
- given the vitality of the project dev itself,
- the already existing quantity of informational material,
- the general cryptoworld news, 
- the trends in the bisq markets (needs some markets following to help reinforcement effect)

There should be enough material in order to post something interesting and useful everyday or every 2 days. 
I also noticed that the ambassador role : https://github.com/bisq-network/roles/issues/35 is still tagged `help wanted`.
So I decided to give a try to reddit.
The returns are (as measured with reddit’s metrics : views, upvote) quite good. For the moment I have no precise idea on the impact outside the reddit sphere, but given that there is a willing audience, I think it’s worth to use this subreddit and other subreddits for Bisq’s promotion and it’s also good to transmit and reflect Bisq’s vitality there.
Imo the future of Bisq (if not killed before) is in the crypto/crypto market. Specialized and active crypto dedicated forum are (of course) a good place to try to push liquidity.
I’ll thus be very interested by suggestions on pertinent/fruitful subreddits to consider.
My activity summary : https://www.reddit.com/user/dieter_von_bisq/about/traffic/ (~15 posts) 

Mastodon : it’s a different story (and gives an interesting comparison).
I make a first try on the https://framapiaf.org instance.
Mastodon is a kind of twitter, but decentralized/federated. It’s however a young thing, with ~ 1 millions users (compared to twitter’s 300 millions).
Everything is to build from the very beginning there, but I feel it’s good that Bisq exists there.
Framapiaf is french language oriented, quite social, leftist, not bitcoin inclined. Although it’s open and technical, I feel that framapiaf is probably atm not the best instance for a Bisq account. 
The return atm narrows 0 at best.
I will prospect for a better instance in the future.

Twister : I get a little look there, but this project/media seems alas stalled and not greatly used.

Since doing already the animation work for reddit, I may factorize on other places if wanted. Suggestions welcome.

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