[bisq-network/bisq-desktop] Preparation for release 0.7.0 (#1536)

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Fri May 11 08:18:17 UTC 2018

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-- Commit Summary --

  * Increase version number
  * Use bundle identifier owned by @ripcurlx
  * Add workaround to be able to test creation of macOS bundle
  * Update copyright
  * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into release-preparations-for-v0.7.0
  * Adapt script for new release
  * Adapt linux path of VM
  * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into release-preparations-for-v0.7.0
  * Re-introduce fat executable jar for release packaging
  * Adopt build scripts for Manfred Karrer
  * Adjust confirmation popup at edit offer
  * Merge branch 'master' into release-0.7.0
  * Use version 0.7.0 instead of -SNAPSHOT
  * Set BISQ_GPG_USER as environment var
  * Fix bundle ID
  * Show bank ID in offerDetailsWindow for cashDeposit
  * Show popup for cash deposit taker
  * Block Revolut Sepa accounts
  * Remove STRESS_TEST_MODE flag
  * Add mavenLocal to repositories in gradle file
  * Remove base currency selector in Settingsview
  * Remove bc jars, use @USER var in script
  * Add rpm build script
  * Revert version to -SNAPSHOT

-- File Changes --

    M .gitignore (1)
    M build.gradle (3)
    M package/linux/32bitBuild.sh (6)
    M package/linux/64bitBuild.sh (6)
    M package/linux/Dockerfile (2)
    A package/linux/rpm.sh (31)
    M package/osx/Info.plist (4)
    M package/osx/create_app.sh (23)
    M package/osx/finalize.sh (51)
    M package/windows/32bitBuild.bat (4)
    M package/windows/64bitBuild.bat (4)
    M package/windows/Bisq.iss (2)
    M src/main/java/bisq/desktop/main/MainView.java (13)
    M src/main/java/bisq/desktop/main/MainViewModel.java (2)
    M src/main/java/bisq/desktop/main/offer/offerbook/OfferBook.java (10)
    M src/main/java/bisq/desktop/main/offer/offerbook/OfferBookView.java (21)
    M src/main/java/bisq/desktop/main/overlays/windows/OfferDetailsWindow.java (11)
    M src/main/java/bisq/desktop/main/portfolio/editoffer/EditOpenOfferView.java (20)
    M src/main/java/bisq/desktop/main/settings/preferences/PreferencesView.java (23)
    M src/main/java/bisq/desktop/util/validation/BICValidator.java (7)

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