Re: [bisq-network/compensation] Conduct May 5th–7th compensation request voting (#58)

Chris Beams notifications at
Tue May 8 12:12:44 UTC 2018

This voting period is now complete, and the results are as follows:

9 contributors submitted 9 compensation requests.
0 were first-time compensation requests.
7 stakeholders voted.

Total compensation requested was 24,502 BSQ.
Total compensation received was 24,502 BSQ.

We have now completed 7 monthly voting rounds. In total, we have approved the creation of 329,432 new BSQ, or roughly 47,000 BSQ per month on average.

> NOTE: This month throws off the average above, because this is the first month that we're strictly compensating only _delivered_ work as per We may see more "lumpy" compensation numbers going forward, as some units of work will be delivered at different times than others.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and to everyone who voted!

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