[bisq-network/proposals] Create a bisq-announce mailing list to replace now-defunct MailChimp newsletter (#20)

Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Sat May 19 16:20:41 UTC 2018

Sorry for reacting so late...I wasn't sure if I could really add any value to the discussion, aside from saying I really like the idea and am willing to own the role when the infrastructure is set up.

I think email is crucial, and something we shouldn't overlook, even if it's a bit minimalist. But even minimalist has its advantages.

> We can still do HTML email if we want to, and while we may not want to do any fancy templates, we can still include attachments, screenshots, etc.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised to see super-concise text-only emails get higher engagement than heavy graphical ones. The Bisq userbase would almost surely prefer it, and information overload in general is only increasing every day for everyone else. 

> The medium is really the message here; by moving to a lo-fi Mailman mailing list, we're letting people know that this is a no-frills, value-oriented communication channel, not a marketing tool designed to surveil and manipulate.

Agreed. Also, as I mentioned above, I think merely _using_ the list trumps the lack of analytic fanciness, at least in the short term. Beyond that we can play it by ear. I get the impression Bisq's primary source of growth will be word-of-mouth, social mentions, etc anyway...so I'm not sure we'll ever need to have particularly sophisticated email marketing infrastructure.

Although we can't measure open rates, we could experiment with specific calls to action unique to a particular email campaign as an indirect way to measure engagement (get people to tweet a particular hashtag, etc).

> This seems like an entirely legit thing to do, but if anyone has a reason to object to this, please speak up.

I want to say that these folks have opted to receive emails from Bisq about Bisq, and the backend infrastructure we use to deliver those emails is irrelevant. But I'm not a lawyer.

> If this proposal is approved, I would want to announce it via Twitter in conjunction with making a bit of noise about MailChimp shutting us down. 

This would be awesome.

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