[bisq-network/compensation] ACTION REQUIRED: All Contributors Since October 2017 (#260)

Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Mon Apr 1 12:14:52 UTC 2019

We need a final mainnet BSQ address from each of you before the DAO launches.

All of you have already specified addresses in your compensation requests, but you may want to generate a fresh one if:

* you no longer have access to the wallet
* the wallet is old (e.g., 1.5-year-old wallets _should_ work, but there have been several significant changes over time, and compatibility hasn't been tested)
* you just want to generate a new one for any other reason

**No matter what you choose to do, please reply to this thread _before the end of this week_:**
- To change your address...
  - _Preferred_: reply here with your new address AND old address
  - _Otherwise_: email genesis at bitsquare.io with new and old addresses AND reply here stating you've done so
- To keep your address...
  - Reply here confirming your existing BSQ address is the one that should be used

If you've already confirmed your address in the past few days through other means, please still reply here to acknowledge you've seen this message.

It is critical that we get this right for everyone. I'll cross names of this list as people reply. 

- @cbeams

- @sqrrm

- @ripcurlx

- @Emzy

- @JesusMcCloud

- @mrosseel

- @Nolaan

- @neiman30

- @alexej996

- @maskoficarus

- @leomcy

- @flix1

- @stevenkain

- @jdonmoyer

- @ghubstan

- @alfsbs

- @blabno

- @tomatopeel

- @rex4539

- @AndersBTC

- @m52go

- @HarryMacfinned

- @initCCG

- @BravoIndia

- @chirhonul

- @bugrasan

- @joachimneumann

- @pfergi42

- @clearwater-trust

- @fedegrc

- @kopite77

- @dgyg

- @devinbileck

- @princeofeth

- @ArthurCideron

- @arunasurya

- @kwcareer

- @Technohacker

- @cyphersphinx86

- @KanoczTomas

- @freimair

- @leshik

- @fotispap

- @j3ko

- @eyalron33

- @aejontargaryen

- @pedromvpg

- @CaveSpectre11

- @moneroproblem

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