[bisq-network/compensation] Requested amounts (#261)

eyalron33 notifications at github.com
Mon Apr 1 15:06:32 UTC 2019

I completely align with Manfred.

The amounts being asked have grown exponentially recently. I feel now it's now double or even triple normal rates for such contributions in other organizations. There is a danger for it to become a race. Past contributes feeling they were not properly contributed due to the new standards, then asking for even higher amounts next time, creating higher standards.

Yes, I'm aware that Bisq is not an "organization" but rather a DAO, but it shouldn't matter much when it comes to the amounts themselves. 

There is also the case that compensations are the BSQ being issued every month. It's equivalent to Bitcoin emission rate; if it'll be too high, having a token becomes moot.

For the long term we need guidelines for which amounts are "acceptable". Plus, maybe communicating what is reasonable for contributers to expect in return to their work.

Personally, I rather not see Bisq as a project attracting those with a sense for "easy money". In my eyes it should be a project that compensates less than other places, but attracts those who genuinely care about it.  

I'm writing all of this without blaming anyone in particular, and without claiming that anyone did anything wrong. I'm more of pointing a problem and expressing a fear for the long term.

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