[bisq-network/compensation] Requested amounts (#261)

Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Mon Apr 1 17:15:08 UTC 2019

I think valuing work is fraught with issues, with or without a role like a COO, and the numbers will never be perfect for everyone.

My preferred approach would be to determine baseline metrics for roles and delivered work, and then let contributors make their case for adjustments.

As role maintainer, I've slacked on implementing this. For example, the blog maintainer emerged over the past couple of months, but it wasn't documented. Without a clear definition, that role has appeared to become bloated and spread across multiple people (arunasurya and me, both charging for our efforts). A clearer definition of roles and role values would force the role to contain itself to one person, and that one person would (out of necessity) limit their efforts accordingly.

Example: Twitter Admin, for example, has a well-established definition and value. I _could_ spend more time on Twitter and seek 8000 BSQ for it, but I don't because I know no one will accept that, as the baseline compensation for that role is 2000 BSQ. Thus I only spend as much time as I can justify with the ~2000 BSQ compensation in mind. (I do adjust on merit...last month, I did badly so I reduced to 1500 BSQ, but this month was especially good, so I adjusted up to 2500 BSQ).

We should consider:

1. **developing baseline metrics** for non-development tasks like videos, design, writing/blogging, translations, etc to keep value requested in check.
2. **better collaboration before people deliver** work so they're not blind-sided by the promise of BSQ for _any_ work done for Bisq (e.g., not-useful translations, graphics, etc).

To solve (1) I'd prefer to follow the Twitter Admin example...establish flat baselines for different categories of work: blog posts are worth x, videos are worth y, custom graphics are worth z, etc. 

In this way, we can signal the value of various contributions to the Bisq project, but still encourage exceptional work done on merit.

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