[bisq-network/compensation] Requested amounts (#261)

Manfred Karrer notifications at github.com
Mon Apr 1 17:40:53 UTC 2019

I think we should also find ways to make the cost / benefit ration more visible if possible. The revenue comes from trading fees so all work need to be related to the goal how we can increase trade volume. Of course that must not lead to a primitive short minded strategy. We have to keep Bisq's long term "mission" in mind and to get to break even will take it's time. But at the end if we don't manage to get enough traders some day to fund the compensation requests we have failed economically. 

For blog posts or videos we could add statistics for the number of views and compare it to the costs. E.g. if we spend 500 BSQ on a blog post and 100 users viewed it we spend 5 BSQ per user...

Sure, that is not perfect as it does not translates into increased number of trades directly but at least we get a better idea if it was a good investment. It would also add more responsibility to the author to help to find readers and reach out. At the moment I have not seen much beside a Twitter post (sorry if I am wrong have not followed much).
To look at common payments in the industry might also help. I know from 2 past contributors who have been journalists at Bitcoin Magazine that 20 USD/ hour is a usual rate. 

And there is a problem when we start accepting too high requests as they will be used in the future as reference. We had similar issues with translations in the past. People orientated on older overpaid requests and it started to get out of bounds. Getting a language translated without getting a market bootstrapped and users there has close to zero value for Bisq. We managed to correct that by limiting the target languages to those markets where we put our focus.

I don't enjoy this kind of "accounting" and "business management" but I think we need to mange to get that resolved in a decentralized manner otherwise we behave like Helicopter Ben ;-).

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