[bisq-network/bisq] Protection against dust attack utxos (#2604)

Manfred Karrer notifications at github.com
Wed Apr 3 00:40:32 UTC 2019

Seems there is not much interest and support of other wallets on a more general solution with a service as described above. So we skip that idea for now as it would not make much sense if its only used by Bisq.
After discussion with @oscarguindzberg we decided to implemente following:
- Add non-dust threshold parameter to preferences. If user set it to 545 sat he gets displayed a warning with context info.
- Check in the Bisq coinselector that inputs must be above that non-dust threshold parameter. So dust utxos are not used for any spending tx
- Filter in the balance in the UI those utxos so that they are not included in the available balance.
- In the balance at the emergecny wallet window we do not filter those utxos.
- Optional: Mark graphically txs with a dust output either with a color (red) or an icon (warning with info popup). 

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