[bisq-network/compensation] For March 2019 (#259)

Aruna Surya notifications at github.com
Wed Apr 3 05:56:53 UTC 2019

Upon more careful consideration, I would like to state a few things, both in regard to my compensation request for March 2019 and [the current discussion](https://github.com/bisq-network/compensation/issues/261) on compensating our bloggers. 

First, regarding the Bisq academy, I agree with @ManfredKarrer that it is hard to assess its value now, so I will evaluate the project, and if I still find it promising and worth working on, I will disseminate the academy to a wider audience, determine its value via concrete metrics and then ask for compensation that reflects the value added. I apologize for this misunderstanding and for a strong reaction to comments by @ManfredKarrer. Also, my apologies to @eyalron33 and @Wimking1987 for involving them in a project that was not official. I enjoyed working with them both, and it was never my intention to mislead them.

Second, I defined the unofficial role of the blog project lead because I wanted to fulfill as quickly as possible the task (that was given to me by @ManfredKarrer) of producing high quality weekly blog posts. It has been a little more than a month since the start of the project, and, as you can see from the metrics above, it has attracted some attention, although maybe not as much as would have been desirable to justify the cost of the project. I have defined the blog writing process as well as I could, and, of course, I made mistakes on the way such as not defining the amount of compensation request because I thought that the writers were best suited to assess the value of their own work. I stand by the quality of all the posts that have been published, and I believe that all the writers of the published posts deserve to be compensated. They have fulfilled their part of the agreement stated in the unofficial [Bisq blog project doc](https://github.com/arunasurya/blogposts/blob/master/bisqblogproject.md).

Considering all this, I think we should pause with the blog post publication for the remainder of this week while the Blog Admin role and the compensation request amount are being defined. This should be no problem since there is nobody right now on [the schedule](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1En6LwJQlzpsY5rOSuiZa2ThoI8rrdlTNoJK1ZlsIi38/edit#gid=0). My apologies to John Forsyth (whose post was scheduled for this week) for suggesting the wrong topic (How to submit a compensation request and what to expect) and having him do a lot of work. As someone who has assigned herself the unofficial role of the project lead, I want to make sure that all the writers receive up-to-date information, have good experience working on this project and don't feel that they are being mistreated. 

Since @ManfredKarrer suggested using the number of views as the metric for evaluating compensation requests for blog posts, we need to make sure that all posts are promoted equally and that there is no conflict of interest. Social media is not my strength, so I will leave this to @m52go and the other contributors who are more experienced and have access to various platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, etc., to do that. I am OK with relinquishing my role in this project if dissemination needs to be part of the new Blog admin role.

I am still getting acquainted with the decentralized aspect and transparency of Bisq, so I am making mistakes but I am learning and hope to make fewer mistakes in the future. 

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