[bisq-network/bisq] Allow for input of custom addresses and amount on payout transaction (#2642)

huey735 notifications at github.com
Thu Apr 4 17:49:16 UTC 2019

At present, a Bisq trade has 4 phases:

    1. Make offer:
        A) Maker transaction
        ◦ trade fee
        ◦ security deposit
        ◦ payment (if BTC seller)

    2. Take offer:
        A) Taker transaction
            ▪ trade fee
            ▪ security deposit
            ▪ payment (if BTC seller)

        B) Escrow transaction
            ▪ payment
            ▪ seller’s security deposit
            ▪ buyer’s security deposit

    3. The BTC buyer confirms Fiat/Altcoin payment sent
        A) Payout transaction is created and signed by the buyer
        ◦ seller’s security deposit
        ◦ buyer’s security deposit
        ◦ buyer’s payment

    4. The BTC seller confirms that they’ve received the Fiat/Altcoin payment
        A) Payout transaction is signed and broadcast by the seller
            ▪ seller’s security deposit
            ▪ buyer’s security deposit
            ▪ buyer’s payment

My suggestion is to allow, on phases 1 and 2, traders to set custom addresses on which to receive their payout amounts.
	Bisq is a platform that facilitates trust-less trade. There’s little reason as to why the payout amounts should be deposited in the Bisq internal wallet. Most people will eventually withdraw that amount onto their own external wallets.
So there should be an optional placeholder field for traders to put a specif address of their own to an external wallet. The offer maker could specify theirs on the “Make offer” screen and the offer taker could specify theirs on the “Take offer” screen.

Multiple payout addresses and custom splits

	There could also be the option to specify up to 2 outputs (addresses) for the offer taker. This would increase the payout transaction size but since it’s the offer taker who pays for the miner fees, they could make that judgment.
	This tool would allow for the enforcement of off-Bisq contracts/deals. The requirement of BTC to conduct trades on Bisq is a detractor for many newcomers to Bitcoin who don’t own any. This would allow for an on-boarding platform for newcomers without having them go to central exchanges. A newcomer would go to the Bisq forum or slack and ask for a loan. Someone would take them on their offer and privately, the bitcoiner would provide the newcomer with a reimbursement address for the loan and they’d agree on values (interest). The newcomer would then present the bitcoiner with the “Take offer” screen, which would show the bitcoiner’s addresses as one of the payout addresses and with the agreed amount set to it. This could be done by a screen-share or a video call. The bitcoiner would then fund the trade by scanning the QR-code on screen (or else).
	With this architecture, the lender would be certain that the Bisq software would send them, at the end, their due amount and they wouldn’t have to trust the newcomer.

UI examples

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