[bisq-network/bisq] Allow for input of custom addresses and amount on payout transaction (#2642)

huey735 notifications at github.com
Sat Apr 6 11:35:43 UTC 2019

@ManfredKarrer I can't share your point of view on its utility. Other than frequent traders, no one has an incentive to have their payout (security deposit or trade amount) land on their Bisq wallet.
I can't comment on the implementation and maintenance complexities . But on terms of the UX, these options could be behind a "Advanced" button so only those interested would check it out.
@HarryMacfinned all I'm proposing to implement on the Bisq software is the custom addresses and amounts. The possibility for an on-boarding mechanism would result from that but would be done "outside" of the Bisq software.

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