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+Voting cycles are timed to last about 1 month. Duration is measured in blocks, so actual times may vary.
+==== Proposal Phase
+_3600 blocks, about 24 days_
+During this time, Bisq stakeholders (contributors and traders) can make proposals. It is not possible to edit a proposal, but it is possible to remove a proposal and submit a corrected one (only during this phase).
+There is a small fee to make proposals to discourage spam. Fees for proposals that are removed are not reimbursed.
+Proposals requesting the issuance of new BSQ will also require a small amount of BTC to be included in the proposal transaction so there is BTC to 'color' into BSQ. The spec requires 100 satoshis per BSQ token, so a request for 1000 BSQ will require 1000 × 100 = 100,000 satoshis.
+Keep in mind that the actual BSQ you end up with will be net the proposal fee: if your request for 1000 BSQ is approved, and if the proposal fee is 2 BSQ, you will end up with 998 BSQ in your wallet.
+For compensation requests, please make sure you follow <<compensation#, established conventions and recommendations>>.

Yes, AsciiDoc requires the `#` for links to external doc files. Without the `#`, it assumes the link is on the same page.

It's very odd...the opposite of what you would expect.

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