[bisq-network/bisq] Handle dao state conflicts better (#2674)

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Tue Apr 9 10:34:38 UTC 2019

sqrrm commented on this pull request.

I think it's worth adding this before 1.0 as it would avoid a lot of extra support issues from conflicted non seed nodes. It's also likely that users will be able to recover through the UI with this resync from seed feature.

No ACK until my comments are taken care of though.

>          FileUtil.renameFile(storageFile, corruptedFile);
+    public synchronized void removeAndBackupFile(String fileName) throws IOException {
+        removeAndBackupFile(storageFile, dir, fileName, "backup_of_corrupted_data");

The argument order is `dbDir`, `storageFile`..., this looks inverted.

> @@ -102,11 +115,15 @@
     public StateMonitorView(DaoStateService daoStateService,
                             DaoFacade daoFacade,
                             CycleService cycleService,
-                            PeriodService periodService) {
+                            PeriodService periodService,
+                            SeedNodeRepository seedNodeRepository,
+                            File storageDir) {

Should this be `@Named(Storage.STORAGE_DIR) File storageDir`?

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