[bisq-network/proposals] Certification for ownership of a bank account (#23)

mpolavieja notifications at github.com
Mon Apr 22 11:24:51 UTC 2019

I don´t know if I should open a different issue for this.  A completely different approach would be to allow users to sign their IBAN account details with a  digital certificate (could be issued by a National Government or any other entity).  It would be up to the trading peer to trust that signature or not.   

I know this sounds horrible regarding privacy, but i think that at worst it would only add the ID national number to the data we are already providing when setting up a SEPA account in Bisq.  And the ID national number could be a trivial thing to find anyway once you have full name and lastname from your trading peer.

This approach has the risk that the scammer has managed to steal both the bank account details and the private key from the victim´s digital certificate, which is not that unlikely.    But if a scam happens in this context, the legal risk of the BTC seller, the Bisq founders / DAO is reduced as it would be very clear that there are measures in place to reject scammers, and that the security problem was on the victim side, not on Bisq or on the seller side.

As a general comment, the more messages and more mechanisms that very clearly show that bisq users and devolopers fully reject scammer activity, the lower the legal risk for everyone.   We should aim not to have a perfectly secure system (which is obviously impossible) but a system that is clearly significantly superior to fiat (which should be achievable)

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