[bisq-network/proposals] Distributed reputation system (#78)

sqrrm notifications at github.com
Tue Apr 23 12:04:01 UTC 2019

These are some interesting ideas. My first thought is how this will be done technically, do we keep some kind of accountagewitness map with respective acks from other trusted nodes? How do we avoid backdating and other such issues? This is probably solvable, sounds like @ManfredKarrer has an idea. Sounds like it will be quite a bit more complex than the current accountagewitness.

I also wonder how we protect against an attacker that creates a genuine account, makes a tx and ages it such that they now have a trusted account. This attacker can now make fake trades with stolen accounts to age them and thus make them trusted. There is a bigger risk for the scammer as there need to be at least one genuine bank tx at some point but it seems like an attack vector.

This kind of distributed reputation system probably adds some extra protection, at the price of complexity and possibly a feeling of being safer than it is. I'm not sure if it's worth adding or not.

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