[bisq-network/proposals] Certification for ownership of a bank account (#23)

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Fri Apr 26 11:58:13 UTC 2019

Example of the idea above:

Alice wants to verify her fiat account with Bisq to get the "verified" badge on all her offers.

1. Alice pays 100 BSQ to write the **initial verification tx** on the Blockchain. This tx includes a hash of that bank account IBAN.

2. Every subsequent trade performed with that payment account will allow Bob (seller) to burn 10 BSQ and "verify" Alice through a simple **upvote** / thumbs up mechanism.

3. If a trade is unsuccessful Bob can also end the dispute mechanism by **downvoting** / reporting the account at a cost of 100 BSQ.

4. Arbitrator Charlie can also report / downvote an account by making a BSQ tx to the address.

5. Just by looking at the BSQ address related to a payment account, we can see the full history of successful or failed transactions.

This decentralized reputation would show up as a "verified" badge next to the offers created by Alice using that account.

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