[bisq-network/proposals] Delay payout for Fiat trades if buyers account is fresh (#77)

Manfred Karrer notifications at github.com
Sun Apr 28 22:14:14 UTC 2019

After a discussion with @mpolavieja we came up with those parameters:

Delayed payout based on account age only:
New account: 4 weeks
After 4 weeks: 1 week (forever, so even if the account age is 3 months there is a delay of 1 week)
Transistion is linear

Buyers security deposit:
New account: 30% of trade amount
After 4 weeks: 10% of trade amount (forever, so even if the account age is 3 months there is a delay of 1 week)
Transistion is linear

If trade amount is below 0.01 BTC (about 50 USD atm) there are no delays and increased security deposit (same as now).

Trade limits stay as they are:
1st month: 0.0625 (about 300 USD)
2nd month: 0.125 (about 600 USD)
1st month: 0.25 (about 1200 USD)

If the user makes a trade with a trade who has been signed (see #78) he will get removed his restrictions after 4 weeks and can also be a signer for other traders after that 4 weeks. So no delay and no extra high security deposit after 4 weeks of a completed fiat transfer in the trade (not completion date as there might be a delay).

There are 3 badges for trust level:
Bronze, Silver, Gold

With the account age only (no signature) the user stays always with Bronze.
If he got a signature from a trade after 4 weeks he gets Silver and after 8 weeks Gold (not so sure about that, though - maybe 12 weeks and more then one signature?).

Beside the Badge we show delay and security deposit as well as age of first signed trade as detail infor in the badge. 2 icons for delay and signature should be added to the badge.

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