[bisq-network/proposals] Blog Maintainer Role (#81)

Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Tue Apr 30 17:36:56 UTC 2019

Thanks @Mycelial1 for writing that up.

I think of this role as a specific and well-defined one: make sure the blog is updated on a consistent basis (proposed at 2), that the _maximum_ 'budget' for doing this is an amount accepted by other stakeholders (proposed at 500 USD equivalent of BSQ, contingent on actual work delivered).

That's it. The process to achieve this shouldn't be any different from that of existing Bisq contributions: make an issue for what you want to do, make a pull request with the proposed contribution, get feedback, and then merge.

We will need to figure out how exactly to make this process more friendly for writers who aren't familiar with GitHub, etc., but I don't think we need to determine those exact processes here (John's made a good start with his video).


Marketing needs to be considered separately. It needs to be done, but that's not a job for this role. Desktop software maintainers aren't tasked with maximizing software downloads. 

I do think that post effectiveness needs to be considered. As website maintainer I have access to website analytics, so going forward I will make sure blog post analytics are posted every month, so people can see which blog posts do well and which don't. Then the blog maintainer (and others who provide feedback on proposed posts) can be smarter about rejecting posts that haven't done well in the past.

Determining a process for how folks can contribute to marketing and messaging for Bisq is a bigger conversation, and if we're going to keep this role's mandate specific and focused, I think it's irrelevant.

**Role Responsibilities**

Once we have requirements and process documented, people just need to follow it. I don't see a need for any active efforts in coordination and communication with writers. I don't know of any publication that solicits guest posts which does anything more than this on a regular basis.

Basically I don't think the blog maintainer should be doing any big work aside from ensuring a good list of blog proposals and labeling/critiquing submitted blog proposals. Compensation for that work should be minimal, perhaps covered in the typical role compensation amount of 25-50 BSQ.

Reviewing posts would be reviewing pull requests, which is subject to compensation (just like it always is) for anyone who does it. And of course, the blog maintainer would be compensated for any posts he actually writes himself.

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