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Sat Aug 3 19:21:50 UTC 2019

> How would a mediator prevent a chargeback that may happen months in the future? 

You can't prevent it. But once the chargeback happens, the mediator could decide how to deal with it if they're in a position to. If you're a merchant, charge backs are [part of the business](https://chargebacks911.com/knowledge-base/first-step-to-handling-chargebacks/). But dealing with them takes some skill. That skill isn't something a customer is usually going to have. 

What you do is present evidence to the payment processor and/or banks involved in the payment that shows that a deal was made and the bitcoin was delivered. This actually should be very easy to do with Bisq because everything is committed on chain and there's an established protocol you can prove the other person followed. It would be best if the method of payment and details about it are recorded in a provable way - for example, if it was a bank to bank transfer, the bank account number could be hashed and recorded in the "take offer" transaction so that the bank account can be verified to have been recorded in the transaction without exposing the account number to others.

Its an enormous pain for an individual to try going through the process of fighting a chargeback for the first time, but mediators that would do that from time to time would know better how to handle it. This would probably require sending fiat to the mediator first, then the mediator would send to the BTC seller.

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