[bisq-network/bisq] Investigate InvalidProtocolBufferException (#1115)

Stan notifications at github.com
Sat Aug 3 21:12:48 UTC 2019

I've seen this problem before while working with Hadoop, HBase, and a proprietary, distributed OLAP engine.  Network failures often coincided with the exception.

I wondered if instrumenting protobuf's generated classes in a way that could provide more info about the causes of these exceptions was possible, but it seems not, and probably not a good idea anyway.

I see non-proto generated Bisq code catches InvalidProtocolBufferExceptions in one place:  bisq.network.crypto.EncryptionService.java.  Do you think detecting and reporting Socket problems in that and other catch blocks that might be handling bubbled up Throwables would be possible and useful in determining if these exceptions always or usually occur after network failures?

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