[bisq-network/roles] Seednode Operator (#15)

Devin Bileck notifications at github.com
Thu Aug 8 06:45:12 UTC 2019

## Cycle 4 report

### Summary
Running 3 seed nodes on mainnet.
- fl3mmribyxgrv63c.onion
- 3f3cu2yw7u457ztq.onion
- jhgcy2won7xnslrb.onion

Running 1 seed node on testnet.
- m5izk3fvjsjbmkqi.onion

This month I took ownership of seed node jhgcy2won7xnslrb.

### Issues Encountered
**Issue 1:**
On July 22nd, fl3mmribyxgrv63c was behind on the DAO state head. See the [monitor](https://monitor.bisq.network/d/iVpBgXXmk/dao-sync-status?orgId=1&panelId=16&fullscreen&from=1563804000000&to=1563832800000) for more details. The issue appeared to be caused by not having swap enabled on that machine and the memory usage was maxed out. To resolve it, I added swap space to the machine and restarted the seed.

**Issue 2:**
On Aug 7, 3f3cu2yw7u457ztq was behind on the DAO state head. See the [monitor](https://monitor.bisq.network/d/iVpBgXXmk/dao-sync-status?orgId=1&panelId=16&fullscreen&from=1565074800000&to=1565121600000) for more details. The issue appeared to be a swap space issue again - it was maxed out at 512 MB. As a result, I increased swap space on all my seeds to 4 GB to ensure plenty of space.

### Maintenance Performed
On Aug 6 I updated all my mainnet seed nodes to Manfred's [branch](https://github.com/ManfredKarrer/bisq/commit/0e212681b76d0b3aa53a10929e65c4c4990c3ece) to apply a hotfix.

I plan to update my seed nodes to follow the [updated document](https://docs.bisq.network/exchange/howto/run-seednode.html) from Florian to ensure a consistent setup. Once that is done, I will organize a backup operator in case I am unavailable for maintenance.

### Expenses Incurred
Expenses incurred for the month (USD):
- 4 x $20 for server (2 CPU, 4 GB RAM)
- 3 x $30 for storage (300 GB)
_**Note:** The testnet seed node does not require additional storage, unlike the mainnet seed nodes._

**Total:** $170

/cc [bisq-network/compensation#326](https://github.com/bisq-network/compensation/issues/326)

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