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 == Arbitration
 When trading partners cannot successfully complete a trade on their own, the trade is disputed, and an arbitrator steps in to determine a solution.
-_Coming soon. For now, you can read more about the arbitration process https://bisq.network/faq/#8[here]._
+=== Confirm payment
+**The BTC buyer didn't confirm sending the funds and let the trade duration limit run out**
+The arbitrator can release all the escrow funds to the BTC seller.
+**The BTC seller didn't release the trade funds by confirming receipt of the funds and let the trade duration limit run out**
+The BTC buyer is responsible to provide the arbitrator with proof of their payment. If they fail to do so and the BTC seller says they haven't received any funds, the BTC seller gets all the funds in escrow.
+The BTC seller has 48 hours after the end of the max. trade period to respond as to whether they have or not received the funds. After that the arbitrator can sign a transaction releasing all funds in escrow to the BTC buyer.
+Any effort to reach out to the arbitrators on the Bisq software should be replicated on the link:https://bisq.community/t/arbitrators/8074[forum] as to circumvent network issues.

Maybe the language can be altered to highlight that it's a suggestion. But recently there has been some issues with the relaying of messages inside Bisq so I think that immediately contacting the arbitrators on the forum is a good preventive measure for now.

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