[bisq-network/bisq] Minimal api (#3001)

Bernard Labno notifications at github.com
Mon Aug 26 08:21:35 UTC 2019

>@blabno I think you did what is truly the best practice in a usual context of startups building nice API-s.
>It's just that Bisq is not that usual context.

What added value does this bring into this conversation?

>And no, dependencies do need to be upgraded all the time

Doesn't this contradict that "unusual context" statement. 

>pricenode already offers a simple HTTP API within existing aggregated dependencies in the project (gradle-witness)

Are you sure about that gradle-witness part?

>how about starting with a dumbest RESTful API possible based on that? 

I've spent over a year going back and forth with this API stuff, trying different approaches.
The devil is in the details. You can pick some random single jar library to produce "Hello world" but further down the road you will find out that you miss a lot of features and that tiny lib you've picked is buggy as hell.

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