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Very good summary! Content looks good to me. I did not verify the numbers.

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+_The above video is a recording of the live call we had about this topic, but this post includes more details._
+Four months ago, after over four years of development, the Bisq DAO launched.
+The objectives are ambitious. The Bisq DAO offers a new way to fund free software, where users pay for usage directly to developers who produce the software. Users also govern the software, making proposals and voting to guide the software's strategy and direction. This paradigm for funding and governing the software also absolves the need for a company, which in turn enables the Bisq network to run without a legal entity or jurisdiction.
+If those points don't sound significant to you, here's another way to put it: the code base for the Bisq DAO is bigger than that of the Bisq exchange itself.
+Although development and testing were thorough, it didn't feel right to shout from the rooftops about the Bisq DAO being a huge success after just 1 voting cycle. It still doesn't, even after 4 voting cycles. The network still needs to finish some key projects to harden itself, and the DAO itself will likely face continual challenges as it grows and matures.
+But it's our duty to keep you (the community) informed, so it's about time we provide on update on how things have gone so far.

But it's our duty to keep you (the community) informed, so it's about time we provide an update on how things have gone so far.

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