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Christoph Atteneder notifications at github.com
Wed Aug 28 14:09:57 UTC 2019

@peterzen I take the blame on having this PR around for such a long time. But that is not for no reason. As we had and partly still have quite limited dev resources to review existing PRs I just didn't have the time back then to look and finish off properly the existing PR. As far as I still remember what was left to ACK it were:
- exiting style issues in the light mode
- build setup didn't work for me out-of-the-box on Intellij

The big difference to this PR is, that yours contains also css clean-up and modularization of the existing CSS codebase, which was a wish from my side, as the current css was getting harder and harder to maintain. 

@wiz Regarding the compass CSS dependency, as it only runs on compile time I don't think it is a big security risk as any code changes outside of the CSS file would pop up in the commit anyways.

Not to consume more time of everyone I see following solution. Using this PR and incorporate everything which is missing from @peterzen's PR (@wiz I'll mention the required changes in the review) or breaking up @peterzen's PR in one with new color schemes (adding the css fixes from @wiz) and another one containing the css code modularization part until the development build works and a consensus is found there regarding the additional dependency (there are obviously different positions existing in the contributor base). I'm fine with either solution - I just want to get things done and it would be great to have the dark style option integrated in Bisq.

What do you guys think?

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