[bisq-network/growth] Blog topic: the Bisq DAO as an evolution of the social organization (#97)

Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 4 17:52:58 UTC 2019

A vastly underrated factor in the dramatic economic growth, innovation, and resulting lifestyle improvements of the past ~200 years has been the limited liability corporation.

While this legal entity has (and will continue) to power great things, it has limitations.

The Bisq DAO is a model for a new paradigm that enables initiatives to proliferate independent of the state (no state/political approval needed), fueled by the activity of anyone who chooses to participate (no boss/office politics approval needed), where the cycle of funding and market validation flows directly from consumers to producers (no investor approval/social politics needed).

We should be careful not to suggest this as a 'successor' to the corporation, but rather as a new model that fixes some elements of other models, that may make sense in some applications.

[Vitalik Buterin's essay on DAOs](https://blog.ethereum.org/2014/05/06/daos-dacs-das-and-more-an-incomplete-terminology-guide/) from a while ago might be a good reference, along with some high-level history of the corporation.

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