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Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Tue Feb 5 19:08:30 UTC 2019

Below are some suggestions for copy of the DAO landing page. I'm envisioning something that follows @pedromvpg's [XD prototype](https://xd.adobe.com/view/ea1d52de-ad37-457f-404c-68167278e9ce-9c2c/) design-wise...I think the blocks would look really good for the why/what/how section.

Aesthetics are hard to convey with plain text so I used markdown to help. Pedro if you prefer any tools for making mock-ups, let me know.


# The Bisq DAO
### Bitcoin-style governance to make Bisq as unstoppable as Bitcoin itself.

Learn more ⇩


### WHY

Bisq trading is currently decentralized, but its funding and decision-making is not. The Bisq DAO fixes that.

### WHAT

The DAO enables Bisq to operate without the confines of a corporation or other legal entity, keeping Bisq stateless & sovereign.


With no CEO or central leadership team, DAO voting (social consensus) is what directs project strategy.


With no financial accounts to hold revenue, the BSQ token is what distributes value from traders to contributors.


_BSQ does not raise capital! It's merely a tool to send trading fees directly to contributors without any central points of authority._


### Traders

When the DAO is live, you'll be able to pay trading fees with BSQ.

- by buying BSQ with BTC, you'll be paying Bisq contributors for their work
- BSQ trading fees are much lower than BTC trading fees
- you can still pay trading fees with plain BTC if you like

See more >

### Contributors

When the DAO is live, you'll receive BSQ for your work.

- do valuable work, request compensation, receive BSQ
- sell BSQ to traders for BTC
- do more work, grow the network, and do it all again!

See more >


### I'm not convinced a token is required.

We've got a post just for you >


### I want to learn more!

List of links >

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