[bisq-network/bisq] Show BSQ trading fee more explicitly when funding your offer (#2379)

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Sun Feb 10 10:23:43 UTC 2019

sqrrm approved this pull request.


> @@ -373,6 +373,7 @@ createOffer.fundsBox.networkFee=Mining fee
 createOffer.fundsBox.placeOfferSpinnerInfo=Offer publishing is in progress ...
 createOffer.fundsBox.paymentLabel=Bisq trade with ID {0}
 createOffer.fundsBox.fundsStructure=({0} security deposit, {1} trade fee, {2} mining fee)
+createOffer.fundsBox.fundsStructure.BSQ=({0} security deposit, {1} mining fee) + {2} trade fee

Maybe this should keep the same order (deposit, trade fee, mining fee) as `createOffer.fundsBox.fundsStructure` for less confusion?

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