[bisq-network/bisq] Add scripts to autosetup dao on regtest (#2405)

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Thu Feb 14 13:12:38 UTC 2019

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> +]
+./generate_101_blocks.sh: done, exiting
+2. Open a new terminal (preferably a new tab), go to the `bisq` folder and start the `create_genesis.sh` script. The script tests for a running bitcoind node in regtest, so make sure step 1 was successful. 
+cd bisq
+example output:
+user at host:~/bin/KanoczTomas/bisq/docs/autosetup-regtest-dao/bisq$ ./create_genesis.sh 
+testing if bitcoind is running: bitcoind is running, all is ok!
+Please provide Alice's BSQ Address
+3. We need the BSQ address of `Alice`. We need to go to the bisq directory and start the `Alice` instance. Wait until the instance starts up then go to `DAO -> Receive` and copy the BSQ address. Note the address starts with a `B`. Open a new terminal and enter the below commands to start `Alice`. Then wait for the gui to start and paste the BSQ address to `create_genesis.sh` which is still running from step 2.

Yes you are right ... 

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