[bisq-network/proposals] Host downloads on self-managed server (#72)

KanoczTomas notifications at github.com
Fri Feb 15 08:57:00 UTC 2019

I created a proof of concept script ([here](https://github.com/KanoczTomas/compensation/blob/master/extract.sh)) using `ghi`. The result can be viewed in my fork of the repo, [processed](https://github.com/KanoczTomas/compensation/tree/master/processed) directory. Issues are grouped by github username.

If we decide to go this route I suggest these steps:
1. go through all compensations manually and assign a label to the issue if all info is valid. The end BSQ issued has to be correct at least, the date (`For <Month> <Year>`, some issues have just a month without year). Once manually verified a **valid** and **to archive** labels could signal it is ready for `ghi` to do its magic. As `ghi` can use labels to filter that is the advised approach, using `grep` to filter is unreliable.
2. run `ghi` to extract all compensations with labels listed above (or ones we agree on). Group compensations by user. Naming convention could be `For <Month> <Year> - #<issue number>.md`
3. Create a template markup file for future compensation requests with easy to follow guides how to fork the repo, edit template for compensation and create a pull request.
4. Have clear rules when a PR is accepted and who needs to review it (If it is voted on, add the issuing txid to the document as well).
5. Once the contribution has been successfully voted on, and all state is correctly recorded (BSQ issued correct, issuance txid, date, owner) merge the PR.

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