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Sun Feb 17 00:02:00 UTC 2019

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> +  Add as much information as possible to speed up dispute resolution time.\n\n\
+  Here is a check list for information you should provide:\n\
+  \t● If you are the BTC buyer: Did you made the Fiat or Altcoin transfer? If so, did you click the 'payment started' \
+  button in the application?\n\
+  \t● If you are the BTC seller: Did you received the Fiat or Altcoin payment? If so, did you click the 'payment received' \
+  button in the application?\n\
+  \t● Which version of Bisq are you using?\n\
+  \t● Which operating system are you using?\n\
+  \t● If you encountered a software bug with failed transactions please consider to start over with a new data directory.\n\
+  \t  It can be that some data are corrupted which can cause repeated bugs. \n\
+  \t  See: https://bisq.community/t/how-to-switch-to-a-new-data-directory/6753\n\n\
+  Please make yourself familiar with the basic rules for the dispute process:\n\
+\t● You need to respond to the arbitrator's requests within 2 days.\n\
+\t● The maximum period for a dispute is 14 days.\n\
+\t● You need to cooperate with the arbitrator and provide the information they request to make your case.\n\
+\t● You accepted the rules outlined in the dispute document in the user agreement when you first started the application.\n\n\

Which one you mean? The 
"You accepted the rules"?

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