[bisq-network/bisq] Add support for Revolut payment links to avoid disputes (#1806)

Le Stephane notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 27 09:58:28 UTC 2019

By the time the arbitrator came back to me regarding my support ticket, the trade period had ended. The arbitrator said he would ask the other user for his phone number, still waiting for an update, and my deposit is still locked.

I think this issue is still unresolved, since I have no way to tell _ahead of time_ if a user registered by email or by phone number.

- If I'm dealing with an email user, I'm later asked to create a payment link, I get confused, I open a support ticket. Negative experience.
- If I'm dealing with a phone number user, the user shows up as Revolut user, I'm not confused, type the amount, the reference. Positive experience.

So I want to avoid Revolut users registered by email like the plague. And want nothing to do with Payment links. Don't care how they work, don't need / want to know. 

Suggested resolution:

split the _Revolut payment_ method into two payment methods:
- **Revolut (payment link)** -> for people registered by email
- **Revolut (app)** -> for people registered by phone number

I have to 

That way, I can filter to hide all **Revolut (payment link)** offers, and I never have to waste an arbitrator's time regarding this problem again. 

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