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> +In this way, there is no need to rely on a single leadership team for direction: the community collectively manages itself.
+=== Ensure honesty in high-trust roles
+Despite the Bisq project's attempts to resist concentrating control as much as possible, it's impossible to avoid in some places. Domain name owners, social account admins, mediators, various node operators: these are all roles that must exist, but necessarily retain significant control and require a high degree of trust.
+Part of the benefit of a centralized team of thoroughly-vetted people reliant on a paycheck, as is the case in most companies, is that the risk of trusting people with significant responsibility is lower: they have a lot to lose if the company finds they have violated their integrity and engaged in foul play.
+This dynamic can be reproduced—at least partly—in a project without a central authority through **bonding**. The concept is simple enough: create skin in the game. Require that a person interested in taking on a high-trust role post a bond that's high enough to discourage them from engaging in foul play.
+But what happens if that person goes rogue? In a project without central authority, who decides when they've crossed the line, and what their fate should be?
+As with strategy and compensation, the community decides through voting. Anyone who suspects foul play can make a case for confiscating a bond with a new proposal, and stakeholders vote to determine an outcome.
+NOTE: Confiscating a bond is a harsh penalty which should not be taken lightly. Therefore, the Bisq DAO makes confiscation proposals especially hard to approve. Whereas regular proposals cost 1 BSQ to make, a confiscation proposal costs 100 BSQ to make, and it requires a quorum of at least 100,000 BSQ and 75% acceptance to pass (instead of the typical >50%).

Oops, I saw it [here](https://docs.bisq.network/dao/specification.html#confiscation). Is that outdated now? Or maybe I understood it wrong.

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