Re: [bisq-network/compensation] Conduct Jan 1st–4th compensation request voting (#183)

Christoph Atteneder notifications at
Sat Jan 5 08:46:58 UTC 2019

Compensation Voting Complete

This voting period is now complete, and the results are as follows:

15 contributors submitted 15 compensation requests.
Two first-time compensation requests this time (Welcome @initCCG and @ CaveSpectre11  👍).
7 stakeholders voted.

Total compensation requested was 48,685 BSQ.
Total compensation received was 48,685 BSQ.

We have now completed 15 monthly voting rounds. In total, we have approved the creation of 770,259 new BSQ, or roughly 51,000 BSQ per month on average.

Please file your compensation request again in the client for testing after the next update (v0.9.2 - currently there is an issue on Testnet) [1]. Thanks!

Everyone who got compensated please contact @ManfredKarrer, so you’re added to the GitHub organization. Thanks!

[1] Instructional video on how to file a compensation request in the Bisq DAO.

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