[bisq-network/proposals] Remove requirement for PR for listing an asset (#67)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Thu Jan 17 11:35:14 UTC 2019

I’d err on the side of keeping the issues in the main repo. After our experience splitting things up earlier, I would generally prefer to keep them together. If the issues don’t get implemented after a given time, they could be closed in order to keep things tidy. The dedicated issue template for asset listings can auto apply the correct label(s) so that the uninterested can filter out these issues. Another advantage to keeping them together is that those devs that do choose to work on these issues can “get seen” by others as they work, ie get recognition and credit in the eyes of other devs for doing this perhaps less-than-sexy work. Having the issues in the same repository also increases the chances that new contributors are them in the first place and perhaps start picking them up. We could always factor off the separate repo later if keeping them together proved too much trouble in practice; this is easier than ever, btw, now that GitHub supports moving issues across repositories. Your call in the end, of course, as I won’t be directly dealing with this anytime soon.

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