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Mon Jul 1 14:20:15 UTC 2019

To our group, seems that trading fee discounts are not what is bringing new users to Bisq; the actions of the Big-brothers are...
Therefore, deep discounts seem counterproductive now...

Seems useful to look at competition's fees:

LBC is now a big-brother exchange, and was never decentralized in any meaningful way.
(Effectively seems 0.5% [1% / 2])

HoblBobl is decentralized only in name, but since it's non-custodial fiat shop, it's probably closest Bisq competitor now. 0.5-0.6%  

As far as we know, Bisq is still by far the most decentralized Bitcoin-fiat exchange.
So, its fees for fiat trades should be at least close to its closest competitor, which is HH.

The market leader in altcoin trading is 
In their own coin, their highest fee rate is 0.075%.
Bisq and Binance are not really direct competitors, but Bisq should try to match BNB's fees rate on BSQ, if it can be done profitably.

If it's not too difficult technically, perhaps given the above, it does makes sense to offer two-tier fee rates - 1 for BTC-fiat trades, another for BTC<>Alts trades.

Perhaps something like this:
BSQ discount: 25%
Altcoin trades Maker:Taker fee ratio: 1:2
Altcoin trades fee in BSQ: 0.075% (Maker) : 0.15% (Taker)
Altcoin trades fee in BTC: 0.1% (Maker) : 0.2% (Taker)

Fiat trades Maker:Taker fee ratio: 1:2
BSQ discount 20%
Fiat trades fee in BSQ: 0.2% (Maker) : 0.4% (Taker)
Fiat trades fee in BTC: 0.25% (Maker) : 0.5% (Taker)

May be sensible to ramp it up to that level in quarterly intervals?

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