[bisq-network/proposals] Increase trading fee (#99)

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Mon Jul 1 16:05:26 UTC 2019

As > 90% of volume is generated on the altcoin side (XMR) I think that would not work to make Bisq sustainable. Goal should be that revenue from the fees is equal or higher than BSQ spent for contributors. I also think that centralised exchanges like Binance cannot be compared to Bisq. They can only offer such low fees (some have 0) because of further revenue streams they have (front running, business with data, fractional reserve banking, high altcoin listing fees,...) and even they would not do such shady things they can handle much higher volume due their centralised structure. Similar as one should not compare Visa with Bitcoin....    

Beside that the currently high miner fee is for many smaller trades higher than the trade fee. As that cannot be changes anyway soon, I think trying to get new users with a low trade fee is a wrong approach. 

Bisq biggest problem is that there are not enough developers to improve and fix issues (see long list in Github and open proposals). To attract new developers the BSQ payment need to be sustainable and not represent a high risk that the contributor need very long to sell some BSQ to the expected price. To achieve that fee revenue needs to match or outperform the issuance of BSQ.

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