[bisq-network/proposals] Increase trading fee (#99)

MwithM notifications at github.com
Wed Jul 3 15:05:13 UTC 2019

>contributors would be asking for a percentage of Bisq's revenue in the previous cycle.
I've thought about that too and I see two problems in that:
- Making a compensation request in a cycle of high trading volume would be more profitable for devs than creating it in a low volume cycle.
- BSQ monetary mass would be fixed and deflationary, and the DAO could not continue this idea of acting like a central bank creating inflation or deflation considering the circumstances. It's a big change on the originary idea.

> With the current model the amount of BSQ minted is one order of magnitude above the amount burnt so contributors aren't really getting paid. 
You are paid, but in a currency which at the moment is highly inflationary. If price of BSQ increases, the value of devs working at the beggining will be highly compensated. At least I don't expect BSQ to be highly inflationary for ever. BSQ is not and should not be a stable coin so in the future, if Bisq grows, holding should reward those who don't sell.

>Ideally all the trading fees should be in BSQ and it'd be great if that was a requirement to trade on Bisq from a financial point of view. But unfortunately, BSQ creates too much friction and it's quite unnecessary for one time traders and for the reasons discussed above it isn't even worth acquiring in small amounts.
With discounts relative to BTC, if BSQ is useful, the market should choose to make all the trades in BSQ. BSQ is still a very new thing, I know it's not a joke but we should not try to hurry up to make it succeed.

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