[bisq-network/growth] Japan JPY / BTC Market Maker Bounty (#138)

J. Maurice notifications at github.com
Thu Jul 4 08:31:49 UTC 2019

Hey @torachan3, I don't recognize your pseudonymous identity, but thanks for supporting Bisq in Japan and coming to the Tokyo Bitcoin Hackers meetup. Yesterday when I saw your post, I assumed you had given up on this since your post got deleted from reddit and I didn't see your offers online, but now I see you put them back. Thanks for providing liquidity, but I think your 30% premium is quite steep, maybe consider lowering it to 10% for now? :)

I actually suggested to @flix1 back in June that this bounty should be distributed amongst several people, but unfortunately it seems nobody else has answered the call to provide liquidity (except you), so yesterday I setup a dedicated PC for this and loaded the wallet and created some standing offers.

If you're going to be providing liquidity over the next month then of course you should get some of the bounty as well. Recently I've been more aggressively pushing Bisq and I have another friend who's also going to create some offers, so hopefully we can get some nice market going more than just demo trades. If @flix1 is okay with awarding the bounty to me, I will distribute the tokens to @torachan3 and other JPY traders over the next month. If you have Keybase, DM me (wiz) or join the Tokyo Bitcoin Hackers chat group.

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