[bisq-network/bisq] Insufficient BSQ error (#2938)

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Sat Jul 6 06:07:15 UTC 2019

I received the following message:

- This happened after I accepted an offer to buy USD. I choose the fee to be in BSQ (0.05 BSQ as shown). At this stage there was no problem, and I continued to the next screen. Then, after clicking on the "Review" button, there is a pop-up with the trade summary. When I clicked on confirm trade, it is trying to confirm and I got this message.
- I have much more that the 0.05 BSQ needed.

When I tried to buy again, the same problem occurred. When I restated the app, I couldn't even get to the Review screen: when choosing paying fees with BSQ, I got an error that I don't have enough funds (0.05 BSQ) and was suggested to use BTC for fees.

I could find the source of the problem. It is based on the fact that I have made another BTC purchase just moments before, using BSQ for fees, and that transaction was not confirmed yet. Suppose I had X BSQ in my wallet.
In DAO tab, under BISQ wallet, there are 4 fields, which showed as follows:
Available for spending: 0 BSQ
Balance of all verified UTXOs: -X BSQ
Balance of all unconfirmed change outputs: X BSQ
Balance of all unverified transactions: X BSQ

For clarification, the X BSQ that I had in my wallet are not new - I have it for some while.
All the X BSQ are in the same address.

The previous transaction I made also used 0.05 BSQ for fees, and under "Transaction" tab I could see that there is so no confirmation for it. Once this was confirmed, the issue was resolved. In particular the 4 fields from above changed to:
Available for spending: X BSQ
Balance of all verified UTXOs: X BSQ
Balance of all unconfirmed change outputs: 0 BSQ
Balance of all unverified transactions: 0 BSQ

Note that there is no reason that the entire X will not be available for trading.
Only the 0.05 that is still pending should be inaccessible. 

Related issue: https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/issues/2678

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